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First iPhone App dedicated to offer evidence based improvements during training sessions of communication skills 
About Communitrainer App
An app for a great experience and measurable results. 
Communitrainer is dedicated to teachers, students and psychologists, leadership coachers, to corporate businesses human resources departments with abilities of training their personnel, independent trainers and coachers,

The application is intended to offer an evidence based performance increase of the trainees during several coaching and/or training  sessions.

Leadership skills also can be improved and trained through this application that is an opened one and can keep track of the participants speech performances during time and from session to session. 

​Understanding the intricate interactions in a discussion is key to assisting with improving an individual’s or team’s presentation skills. 

CommuniTrainer measures, in fine detail, the duration of speech for each speaker, and calculates the percentage split between each of them and the overall silence in any given discussion.

Using this information, speakers can begin to improve their communicational skills, assisting them in captivating every audience they stand in front of.